YELP-The Company Is Showing Only Limited "DATA" For You To See

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted from readable content on a page. Having a way to re-market to a prospect when looking for the service online Is, 

“Target Marketing”! 

The YELP platform is it’s own search browser, right? 

While it good to be on an open platform, YELP guards data that should be visible. 

Ex., If your ad is clicked on, it shows only that the ad was clicked on in your backend portal. It shows that clicks are being used on the dashboard and by a device. It does not show the (IP) address of that device. 

A quick overview if not aware. So, a device (IP’s) is used kinda like as a phone number by a certain device. It’s like a caller ID for a phone.

WHY is this important?

Well, this ID can be used to retarget a user. 

Suppose, you want to try to re-market to them. This can further your ad spending dollars .

If someone clicks a Pay Per Click ad, you get one shot to have them as a customer, client or new patient. If they do not call and click out onto another business’s ad you lose that customer and your paid click investment.

re-target a user that visits your offers gives you a chance to
re-market to them & can further your ad spending dollars Per
Web Page .

2 thing to take out of this

  • Without this data, you cannot track to see if this click was a real user or a computer (AI) Artificial Intelligent bot simulating a user. 

  • The other thing and the most important thing is, you cannot put them on some other kind of marketing campaign. 

If they are real prospect clicking on your ad, data can be collected and use the ID to send them a new ad on another one of your service. YELP shields that information. 

Having that (IP) data you would be able to use it and try to show the potential prospect something else about you and the services they didn’t see on the ad. This gives you the appearance that you are the local choice and should be their vet. This is how you build your brand.

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I know you may get a lot of junk mail and I truly would like to help you grow your local business 

I would be tested to send you quality clients that are ready and willing to call your office.


Use the clients you have now to keep them informed and up to date with the services you offer and by sending information to them. If you were to use technology systems you can possibly get that one client to send it to their family and friends. 

That is grassroots marketing and allows you to have a raging loyal client selling your services for you and for “FREE’.

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