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Understanding The Fundamentals Of This Platform Will Increase Your Chances Of Being Found In Local And Mobile Search Results.

Google My Business is Google’s new platform for creating, managing, and monitoring business listings. It is a good first step for companies that are just getting started on the web; but it has also become the main, one-stop-shop dashboard for businesses that previously used Google+ Local and Google Places for Business.

"It's now so much easier to market a local business on Google My Business and get new customers."
Lawrence Joseph

Local Listings On Google ...

Customers see your local listing to learn what you’re all about. Click button  hopefully to your website. 

This is how people find you easily.


Understanding Google user experience

getting linked to your Google My Business gives you the tools to boost your search ..  This is so powerful because customers find you over the competition.

remain responsive across devices help you connect with more local consumers

Customers access your business on Google search on organic search, Maps, or Google+. 

This is huge because if done right can get people to have the first experiance before the come in and buy.

fall in love with Google My Business features

Real Time Stats

• Manage your business listings for Google+, Maps, and Search

Multilingual & translatable

You’ll want to use your legal name, your local physical address, and your exact business phone number. All of this information should be entered the exact same way everywhere online, including your website and other local listing sites.

Google My Business Features

Click edit button to easily access reviews, insights about your page’s performance, the Google Adwords Express feature, the Google+ social media platform and YouTube by interacting with this menu.

Amazingly Responsive

• Access the Google My Business platform on their desktop computer or through an iOS or Android app from a mobile device.

Community Builder

• Interact and share content with followers on Google+

Easy To Use Interface

• Access Insights reports and analytics for Google+ and YouTube

Virtual Tours

• This feature lets you add video so that you can give customers a view of your business in action. Using this feature is a great way to reach out andconnect with potential customers. Once people get a behind the scenes sneak peek into your company, many of them will trust you more and feemore comfortable doing business with you.

Google My Business E-Book

It has never been easier to create a listing on Google My Business.

Understanding the fundamentals of this platform will increase your chances of being found in local and mobile search results. Click the link below and get a copy of Google My Business E-book Free!

 You Need Video Interaction to have customers stay attracted to your business

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