Hello Local Business Owners Of Pasadena Ca! Here is are 1st Welcome Post

25 October 2021

Welcome Pasadena Owners. This is our first post.  for all local businesses in Pasadena California.

With the recent climate, all businesses were or still are affected by the present pandemic protocols by our Counties Health Dept. policies. In the view of science, it still is unclear who or how this mask is really helping.

Is it the vaccine or the Governor to press on with the State of Emergency strangle on doing business as the Government wants?  Your choice.

What this pandemic proved for standard brick and mortar businesses is, How do you contact your clients? Specifically are you open for business dine-in or curbside? Can you take online orders? What time is your business open?

This is the next wave of stress you as a business owner need to garb and implement into your local business and it needs to be available, like yesterday. 

With the coming end of the year, we are looking forward to casting in the new year. With it brings in the hope of an annual parade and yes thousands of new guests visiting our City.  

We are promoting The Pasadena Local Businesses site, for all local businesses in hope that you will be open for new business and have this business site available for those guests to locate your business.

We hope you enjoy and claim your listing to be seen. 

If there is something you wish to see and read on this site?  Let us know. 


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